BSc Research Dissemination Conference Proceedings Report

First ever palliative care conference conducted in Malawi, organized by Palliative Care Association of Malawi


PACAM conducted the first ever palliative care research dissemination conference at Linde Motel, Mponela from 24 to 25th May 2018.

Palliative Care conference of 2018 aimed to congregate participants from all Leading palliative care units, Clinical Research Institutions, Doctors, Nursing Professionals, and Specialists in HealthCare and regulatory bodies to share their experience and research aspects in the rapidly amplifying field and thereby, providing a showcase of Palliative care evidence-based knowledge generated in Malawi.

The focus of this first conference was for the participants to enhance their ability to generate palliative care evidence, provide professional, competent, empathetic care to patients and their families using evidence-based knowledge generated locally. Palliative care Association of Malawi organized this conference by focusing on building research capacity for palliative care in Malawi and sharing knowledge generated through palliative care implementation.

Palliative care association of Malawi organised this conference in order to offer Palliative care graduates and upcoming graduates an opportunity to interact, share palliative care knowledge and learn from research experts, the conference also provided an arena where participants critically examined the quality of research conducted on various of palliative care topics.


Mrs Tulipoka Soko: Director of nursing services emphasized the concept of universal health coverage and palliative care is not left out. Palliative care is at the center of Ministry of Health. She alluded that Palliative care research should be translated into actions for the benefit of patients and improve quality of care

Prof mercy Pindani in her keynote address linked research academia and profession, the emphasis was that Designing palliative care research with methodological precision must account for the diversity of ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds that patients bring with them into their experience of life-limiting illness. A patient's experience of illness is both multidimensional—incorporating physical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions—and culture dependent, in that the experience is shaped in large part by the cultural milieu in which the patient resides. She concluded her speech by pointing out that Research is a process which its Ownership is crucial and there are Challenges as one goes through it.

Target Audience

  • Executive leadership and management of palliative care will comprise the audience for this conference, including directors, clinical managers, managers/coordinators,

  • Quality and performance improvement professionals, regulatory and compliance officers, educators, researchers and other leaders working to promote the successful advancement of palliative care in Malawi.


Aim and objectives

This conference brought together palliative care providers, researchers, , government representatives and educational institutions to share best practices and research results with a view to improving access to quality palliative care on the country.

At the completion of this conference, participants were able to:

  • Identify key issues in conducting research which is ethically acceptable

  • Discuss improvements in continuity, communication, and provision of care while conducting research.

  • Provide rich opportunities for professional development and networking