PACAM has developed a CPC training manual which will be used to train health care workers in medical and nursing colleges.

It has also printed T shirts with children’s voices and other advocacy messages. Some of the messages are:It’s the right of every child to be free from pain like the one below in venecular language


We also had a meeting with the taskforce team in order to find a way forwad on what we can do to reinforce advocacy. Among other things the team agreed to do the following in a bid to advocate for CPC


  • Get fully involved with media houses and have enough time for advocacy on the radio or news papers
  • Involve the communities through the chiefs
  • Make announcements during the evenings when people are in their homes
  • Involve charges in disseminating the information about CPC services
  • Involve traditional healers since they also help the sick children in their clinics
  • Network and collaborate with community radios and give them information on CPC
  • I identify and use peers/beneficiaries to tell others about the services
  • Inform journalist on the progress or any updates on CPC so that they can help in disseminating it.
  • Form a network of journalists which will be working together on advocacy issues and help disseminate information
  • Organise a CPC advocacy week in order to sensitise communities on the services
  • Conduct community awareness by going around the communities at the end have a place where people can listen to the messages
  • Work with community chiefs and conduct awareness campaigns on CPC
  • PACAM to network with other organisations so that the information can reach out to many. They also asked PACAM to work with them closely by giving them information so that they can share as they do their everyday activities.
  • Journalists to produce articles in news papers, radios and include the advocacy messages in their routine programs so that the messages can reach out to the people who are caring or know those children who need palliative care.e for children should be integrated in all hospitals in Malawi.