Integrating Palliative Care in the Curriculum of Health Professionals in Institutions


In March 2011, the Deans of Medical Schools, Heads of Nursing Schools, Medical and Nurse’s councils and other key palliative care educators reconvened in Nairobi, Kenya to review progress made by their institutions and their countries against the action plans developed in 2008. Significant successes have been realised in Botswana, Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania.

Apart from the small country teams of up to six heads of Medical and Nursing Schools who participated in the 2008 conference, more heads of institutions including Medical Councils, Nurses and Midwives councils as well as Ministries of Health have been sensitised on palliative care and rationale for its integration in medical and nursing curricula. A total of 88 lecturers have received training on the introductory palliative care course across in Malawi 16 of whom undertook clinical placements and study visits in well established palliative care sites. A total of 12 institutions have integrated palliative care and made it examinable in their curricula in Malawi.

The Nurses and Midwives Council of Malawi has integrated palliative care into the national Syllabus.

A training module for health training institutions has been developed and distributed to all health teaching institutions in Malawi.