PACAM Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019

The moderator for the AGM was Ms. Idah Lajabu from PACAM who welcomed all the members and set ground rules. This was followed by an opening prayer from one of the members.

Aims of the PACAM AGM

The Main of the annual general meeting is to shape, discus critical issues related to the association which include proposal for constitution amendment, nomination of the new board members and to transact any other business.

Welcome Remarks & Introduction 

The outgoing board chair Dr. Agness Moses welcomed all the members coming from various districts and urged them full participation. She mentioned that the AGM was supposed to be conducted annually but due to financial problems it taken long and that it was an opportunity to discuss pertinent issues regarding the improvement of the association.

PACAM Progress Report

The executive Director for PACAM Lameck Thambo presented progress report for all the projects. He shared the Vision, mission of the association and the year of establishment. The association has a strategic plan and that all projects activities are implemented in line with the strategic plan. He further said the association have three donors supporting the organization to implement its activities. The donors are; True colours Trust through the STEP UP project, DFID through the CHIFUNDO PROJECT and OSISA through the legal and human rights project. In terms of staffing Lameck said the association have its secretariat in Lilongwe and have 5 program staff attached to different projects, 2 from the administration and 2 support staff. Below picture shows the Executive Director for PACAM Lameck Thambo making a Presentation on PACAM progress

PACAM Constitutional Ammendments 

The Outgoing board Chair Dr. Agness Moses said there was a review of PACAM constitution and it was noted that some sections needed amendment to suit the current situation. The Association reviewed the constitution and came up with those secti-on requiring amendment for members to understand and gave their views on whether such amendments will be helpful to the association. Members had to decide whether to accept or Reject the given proposal for amendments.

External Finance Audit Report

PACAM accounts are audited every year by GRAHAM CARR Audit film. During the AGM it is a requirement that the Audit report should be presented and adopted by the members. The report was presented by a partner from GRAHAM CARR and was adopted by the members. 

Nomination of New Board Members

The constitution amendment which was presented provides for nomination of board members. This was facilitated by Fred Chiputula from PACAM and said members have powers to nominate board members from different professionals such as legal, spiritual, Health, social, accounts who can help the association to grow. The secretariat role was to collect forms of nominees and within 2 weeks shortlist the new board members and thereafter members shall be notified of the shortlisted board members so that PACAM members can vote for them. This was also adopted by the members and nomination forms was provided to every member to nominate a person and submit to PACAM. The nomination was done by every member and submitted to PACAM. Fred assured participants that they will be notified of the shortlisted board members when all is done within reasonable time. 

Remarks by Outgoing Board Chair

Dr. Agness Moses, the outgoing board chair thanked all the members for coming to the AGM and insist that although they previous board members are out but they will still be part of the association and ready to offer any support. She urged members to welcome and support as well as working with the new board members the way they supported the outgoing board members. She further said members need to join hands in an effort to improving the quality of life of palliative care patients and family members. She wished the association and all member’s happy festive holiday and New Year 2020.