Community Awareness

Community awareness and sensitisations help in giving people an insight of what is happening around them and what they are supposed to do. People easily get involved if they are well informed and knowledgeable about what is happening around them.



PACAM organised a community sensitisation day which took place on 27th July 2013 in Lilongwe. The main aim was to sensitise communities on the availability of CPC services. Activities during the day included moving around the urban communities on a floating van which was covered with banners containing both English and vernacular messages about CPC and some with rights of life limited/threatened illnesses, a health education MOH band which was singing songs with CPC messages and having stops in strategically chosen places where translated ICPCN charter of rights hand outs were given to people who showed interest, CPC and talks on CPC services and rights of children with life limiting/life threatening illnesses were given. Also mentioned during the talk were conditions eligible for palliative care and where people can access these services .The audience on every stop was given a chance to ask questions on what they have been told , on what they are not clear about or on what they wanted to know.


Below are some of the pictures from the activity