DHMT Sensitisation on OSISA CPC Fun



  • PACAM is implementing a 2nd phase of scaling up of Children’s palliative care services with funding from (OSISA)
  • Started in September 2015
  • During first phase PACAM worked with central hospitals with funding from DFID.
  • Trained 65 health care workers and reached out to 3,000 children.


Lessons Learnt


  • CPC Services were only in central hospitals
  • HCW in District hospital not trained
  • Few children reached
  • There was need to be scale CPC services to district hospitals
  • Need to increase the number of service providers through training


Project Goals

To increase availability and accessibility of children’s palliative care services in district hospitals and health centers.

Target District

All the nine districts in the central region

Project Activities


  • District Health management team sensitisation.
  • Conduct a baseline survey on CPC in district hospitals.
  • Train 18 Health care workers from district hospitals.
  • Send some trained HCW for Clinical placement.
  • Provide mentorship and supervise those trained.




  • DHMT support.
  • Work with existing palliative care teams with leadership of the district palliative care coordinator.
  • Reach as many children in need as it can in the district.


Monitoring and Evaluation Tools


  • Will use palliative care registers to register children accessing the services.
  • Develop an M&E tool to monitor other progresses of the project.




  • Number of palliative care providers trained.
  • Number of health centres and district hospitals providing the service.
  • Number of health care workers providing the services.
  • Number of children accessing the services.




  • The project will involve government staff and use available govt. infrastructure.
  • Trained HCW will work in their respective sites.
  • PACAM will provide technical advice and support to the hospitals and in monitoring the project.


Activities so far Conducted


  • District Health management team sensitisation.
  • Conduct a baseline survey on CPC in district hospitals.
  • Trained 18 Health care workers from the nine district hospitals in the central region and 2 from Baylor children’s clinic.


We Therefore

Ask all district hospital management teams, staff and all the people out there to support in the implementation of this project.