Increasing Patients Access to Free Essential Palliative Care Medicine for Poor Palliative Care Patients in Malawi

In Malawi faith based health facilities introduced cost sharing fee for health services as a result most palliative care patients do not afford the charges. Faith based health facilities are mostly located in rural areas where most palliative care patients live (85% of Malawian population live in rural area). All Government health facilities offer free health services including Medicine.

It was with this background that in 2017, the Palliative Care Association of Malawi conducted resource mobilisation to support Government and Faith Based palliative Care Health Facilities with palliative care Essential Medicine. The resource mobilisation targeted Corporate Institutions. The purpose of the resource mobilisation was to support palliative care providing hospitals with palliative care essential Medicine for palliative care patients at no cost. In August 2018 the National Bank of Malawi offered PACAM a donation of MK 5 Million ($5000) to purchase Medicine for Palliative care patients.

PACAM supported 11 Faith Based and 28 Government hospitals with Palliative care Medicine which was officially handed over on 5th September at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe. The handover ceremony was presided over by the Hospital Director of Kamuzu Central hospital, Dr. Jonathan Ng’oma, the National Bank branch manager, the director of PACAM, CHAM head of program and representatives from all hospital beneficiaries.

Among the essential palliative care Medicine procured were, WHO Step 1 analgesic (NSAD), Step 2 (Tramadol) and Step 3 (Morphine Liquid and Tablets), assorted Antibiotics, Anti emetics and surgical supplies.



Assorted Palliative Care Essential Medicine.



By: Lameck Thambo,
Executive Director,
Palliative care Association of Malawi.
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