Report - Step Up Phase 3 - Integrating palliative care in Central and Northern Malawi


Between August 2015 and June 2017, the Palliative Care Association of Malawi (PACAM) implemented the STEP-UP programme in the Central and Northern regions of Malawi. This followed successful implementation of the programme in the Southern region over the previous four years.

The STEP-UP programme aims to integrate palliative care into publicly funded health services in Malawi by raising awareness about, confidence in and access to palliative care services at district level.

It involves providing resources to help district hospitals set aside a dedicated room for palliative care clinics; running awareness raising and training sessions for doctors, nurses, clinical officers, pharmacists, social workers, volunteers, religious leaders and others; facilitating clinical placements to help health workers see good palliative care in action; mentoring district hospitals to ensure their palliative care services are of good quality, and supporting districts and the Ministry of Health to collect information about the impacts of palliative care. The programme is funded by the True Colours Trust.


For the full report, download the pdf of the report here.